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Accident (n.) A point or mark which may be retained or omitted in a coat of arms.
Accident (n.) A property attached to a word, but not essential to it, as gender, number, case.
Accident (n.) A property or quality of a thing which is not essential to it, as whiteness in paper; an attribute.
Accident (n.) A quality or attribute in distinction from the substance, as sweetness, softness.
Accident (n.) Any accidental property, fact, or relation; an accidental or nonessential; as, beauty is an accident.
Accident (n.) Literally, a befalling; an event that takes place without one's foresight or expectation; an undesigned, sudden, and unexpected event; chance; contingency; often, an undesigned and unforeseen occurrence of an afflictive or unfortunate character; a casualt
Accident (n.) Unusual appearance or effect.
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