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Associate - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Connect, Ally, Band, Fraternize, Join, Combine, Unite, Relate, Link
Antonyms: Disconnect, Separate, Defy, Break apart, Dissociate, Desert
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Associate (a.) Admitted to some, but not to all, rights and privileges; as, an associate member.
Associate (a.) Closely connected or joined with some other, as in interest, purpose, employment, or office; sharing responsibility or authority; as, an associate judge.
Associate (a.) Connected by habit or sympathy; as, associate motions, such as occur sympathetically, in consequence of preceding motions.
Associate (n.) A companion; one frequently in company with another, implying intimacy or equality; a mate; a fellow.
Associate (n.) A partner in interest, as in business; or a confederate in a league.
Associate (n.) Anything closely or usually connected with another; an concomitant.
Associate (n.) One connected with an association or institution without the full rights or privileges of a regular member; as, an associate of the Royal Academy.
Associate (v. i.) To unite in action, or to be affected by the action of a different part of the body.
Associate (v. i.) To unite in company; to keep company, implying intimacy; as, congenial minds are disposed to associate.
Associate (v. t.) To accompany; to keep company with.
Associate (v. t.) To connect or place together in thought.
Associate (v. t.) To join or connect; to combine in acting; as, particles of gold associated with other substances.
Associate (v. t.) To join with one, as a friend, companion, partner, or confederate; as, to associate others with us in business, or in an enterprise.
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