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Assure - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Ensure, Guarantee, Certify, Uphold, Encourage, Promise, Inform
Antonyms: Imperil, Unsettle, Discourage, Mislead, Warn, Jeopardize
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Assure (v. t.) To affiance; to betroth.
Assure (v. t.) To confirm; to make certain or secure.
Assure (v. t.) To declare to, solemnly; to assert to (any one) with the design of inspiring belief or confidence.
Assure (v. t.) To insure; to covenant to indemnify for loss, or to pay a specified sum at death. See Insure.
Assure (v. t.) To make sure or certain; to render confident by a promise, declaration, or other evidence.
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