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Attain (n.) Attainment.
Attain (v. i.) To come or arrive, by an effort of mind.
Attain (v. i.) To come or arrive, by motion, growth, bodily exertion, or efforts toward a place, object, state, etc.; to reach.
Attain (v. t.) To achieve or accomplish, that is, to reach by efforts; to gain; to compass; as, to attain rest.
Attain (v. t.) To gain or obtain possession of; to acquire.
Attain (v. t.) To get at the knowledge of; to ascertain.
Attain (v. t.) To overtake.
Attain (v. t.) To reach in excellence or degree; to equal.
Attain (v. t.) To reach or come to, by progression or motion; to arrive at.
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