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Barren - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Arid, Desert, Desolate, Dry, Empty, Unfruitful, Waste, Fruitless, Unsuccessful, Useless, Boring, Childless, In fecund, Sterile, Vapid, Unproductive
Antonyms: Fecund, Fertile, Fruitless, Lush, Productive, Profitable, Rich, Useless, Interesting
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Barren (a.) Incapable of producing offspring; producing no young; sterile; -- said of women and female animals.
Barren (a.) Mentally dull; stupid.
Barren (a.) Not producing vegetation, or useful vegetation; /rile.
Barren (a.) Unproductive; fruitless; unprofitable; empty.
Barren (n.) A tract of barren land.
Barren (n.) Elevated lands or plains on which grow small trees, but not timber; as, pine barrens; oak barrens. They are not necessarily sterile, and are often fertile.
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