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Benefit - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Profit, Gain, Favor, Advantage, Avail, Service, Boon
Antonyms: Harm, Loss, Disadvantage, Damage, Injury, Calamity
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Benefit (n.) A theatrical performance, a concert, or the like, the proceeds of which do not go to the lessee of the theater or to the company, but to some individual actor, or to some charitable use.
Benefit (n.) An act of kindness; a favor conferred.
Benefit (n.) Beneficence; liberality.
Benefit (n.) Natural advantages; endowments; accomplishments.
Benefit (n.) Whatever promotes prosperity and personal happiness, or adds value to property; advantage; profit.
Benefit (v. i.) To gain advantage; to make improvement; to profit; as, he will benefit by the change.
Benefit (v. t.) To be beneficial to; to do good to; to advantage; to advance in health or prosperity; to be useful to; to profit.
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