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Blazon (n.) A shield.
Blazon (n.) An heraldic shield; a coat of arms, or a bearing on a coat of arms; armorial bearings.
Blazon (n.) Ostentatious display, either by words or other means; publication; show; description; record.
Blazon (n.) The art or act of describing or depicting heraldic bearings in the proper language or manner.
Blazon (v. i.) To shine; to be conspicuous.
Blazon (v. t.) To deck; to embellish; to adorn.
Blazon (v. t.) To depict in colors; to display; to exhibit conspicuously; to publish or make public far and wide.
Blazon (v. t.) To describe in proper terms (the figures of heraldic devices); also, to delineate (armorial bearings); to emblazon.
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