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Boot (n.) A covering for the foot and lower part of the leg, ordinarily made of leather.
Boot (n.) A place at the side of a coach, where attendants rode; also, a low outside place before and behind the body of the coach.
Boot (n.) A place for baggage at either end of an old-fashioned stagecoach.
Boot (n.) An apron or cover (of leather or rubber cloth) for the driving seat of a vehicle, to protect from rain and mud.
Boot (n.) An instrument of torture for the leg, formerly used to extort confessions, particularly in Scotland.
Boot (n.) Booty; spoil.
Boot (n.) Profit; gain; advantage; use.
Boot (n.) Remedy; relief; amends; reparation; hence, one who brings relief.
Boot (n.) That which is given to make an exchange equal, or to make up for the deficiency of value in one of the things exchanged.
Boot (n.) The metal casing and flange fitted about a pipe where it passes through a roof.
Boot (v. i.) To boot one's self; to put on one's boots.
Boot (v. t.) To enrich; to benefit; to give in addition.
Boot (v. t.) To profit; to advantage; to avail; -- generally followed by it; as, what boots it?
Boot (v. t.) To punish by kicking with a booted foot.
Boot (v. t.) To put boots on, esp. for riding.
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