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Borrow - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Receive, Appropriate, Take, Adapt, Adopt, Steal, Imitate, Pilfer, Pirate, Copy
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Borrow (n.) Something deposited as security; a pledge; a surety; a hostage.
Borrow (n.) The act of borrowing.
Borrow (v. t.) To copy or imitate; to adopt; as, to borrow the style, manner, or opinions of another.
Borrow (v. t.) To feign or counterfeit.
Borrow (v. t.) To receive from another as a loan, with the implied or expressed intention of returning the identical article or its equivalent in kind; -- the opposite of lend.
Borrow (v. t.) To receive; to take; to derive.
Borrow (v. t.) To take (one or more) from the next higher denomination in order to add it to the next lower; -- a term of subtraction when the figure of the subtrahend is larger than the corresponding one of the minuend.
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