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Bower (n.) A rustic cottage or abode; poetically, an attractive abode or retreat.
Bower (n.) A shelter or covered place in a garden, made with boughs of trees or vines, etc., twined together; an arbor; a shady recess.
Bower (n.) A young hawk, when it begins to leave the nest.
Bower (n.) Anciently, a chamber; a lodging room; esp., a lady's private apartment.
Bower (n.) One of the two highest cards in the pack commonly used in the game of euchre.
Bower (v. & n.) A muscle that bends a limb, esp. the arm.
Bower (v. & n.) An anchor carried at the bow of a ship.
Bower (v. & n.) One who bows or bends.
Bower (v. i.) To lodge.
Bower (v. t.) To embower; to inclose.
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