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Braid (n.) A fancy; freak; caprice.
Braid (n.) A narrow fabric, as of wool, silk, or linen, used for binding, trimming, or ornamenting dresses, etc.
Braid (n.) A plait, band, or narrow fabric formed by intertwining or weaving together different strands.
Braid (n.) A quick motion; a start.
Braid (v. i.) To start; to awake.
Braid (v. t.) Deceitful.
Braid (v. t.) To mingle, or to bring to a uniformly soft consistence, by beating, rubbing, or straining, as in some culinary operations.
Braid (v. t.) To reproach. [Obs.] See Upbraid.
Braid (v. t.) To weave, interlace, or entwine together, as three or more strands or threads; to form into a braid; to plait.
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