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Cage (n.) A box or inclosure, wholly or partly of openwork, in wood or metal, used for confining birds or other animals.
Cage (n.) A place of confinement for malefactors
Cage (n.) A skeleton frame to limit the motion of a loose piece, as a ball valve.
Cage (n.) A wirework strainer, used in connection with pumps and pipes.
Cage (n.) An outer framework of timber, inclosing something within it; as, the cage of a staircase.
Cage (n.) The box, bucket, or inclosed platform of a lift or elevator; a cagelike structure moving in a shaft.
Cage (n.) The catcher's wire mask.
Cage (n.) The drum on which the rope is wound in a hoisting whim.
Cage (v. i.) To confine in, or as in, a cage; to shut up or confine.
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