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Camp (n.) A collection of tents, huts, etc., for shelter, commonly arranged in an orderly manner.
Camp (n.) A mound of earth in which potatoes and other vegetables are stored for protection against frost; -- called also burrow and pie.
Camp (n.) A single hut or shelter; as, a hunter's camp.
Camp (n.) An ancient game of football, played in some parts of England.
Camp (n.) The company or body of persons encamped, as of soldiers, of surveyors, of lumbermen, etc.
Camp (n.) The ground or spot on which tents, huts, etc., are erected for shelter, as for an army or for lumbermen, etc.
Camp (n.) To play the game called camp.
Camp (v. i.) To pitch or prepare a camp; to encamp; to lodge in a camp; -- often with out.
Camp (v. t.) To afford rest or lodging for, as an army or travelers.
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