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Canker (n.) A corroding or sloughing ulcer; esp. a spreading gangrenous ulcer or collection of ulcers in or about the mouth; -- called also water canker, canker of the mouth, and noma.
Canker (n.) A disease incident to trees, causing the bark to rot and fall off.
Canker (n.) A kind of wild, worthless rose; the dog-rose.
Canker (n.) An obstinate and often incurable disease of a horse's foot, characterized by separation of the horny portion and the development of fungoid growths; -- usually resulting from neglected thrush.
Canker (n.) Anything which corrodes, corrupts, or destroy.
Canker (v. i.) To be or become diseased, or as if diseased, with canker; to grow corrupt; to become venomous.
Canker (v. i.) To waste away, grow rusty, or be oxidized, as a mineral.
Canker (v. t.) To affect as a canker; to eat away; to corrode; to consume.
Canker (v. t.) To infect or pollute; to corrupt.
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