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Captain (a.) Chief; superior.
Captain (n.) A head, or chief officer
Captain (n.) A military leader; a warrior.
Captain (n.) A person having authority over others acting in concert; as, the captain of a boat's crew; the captain of a football team.
Captain (n.) An officer in the United States navy, next above a commander and below a commodore, and ranking with a colonel in the army.
Captain (n.) By courtesy, an officer actually commanding a vessel, although not having the rank of captain.
Captain (n.) One in charge of a portion of a ship's company; as, a captain of a top, captain of a gun, etc.
Captain (n.) The foreman of a body of workmen.
Captain (n.) The master or commanding officer of a merchant vessel.
Captain (n.) The military officer who commands a company, troop, or battery, or who has the rank entitling him to do so though he may be employed on other service.
Captain (v. t.) To act as captain of; to lead.
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