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Chafe (n.) Heat excited by friction.
Chafe (n.) Injury or wear caused by friction.
Chafe (n.) Vexation; irritation of mind; rage.
Chafe (v. i.) To be worn by rubbing; as, a cable chafes.
Chafe (v. i.) To have a feeling of vexation; to be vexed; to fret; to be irritated.
Chafe (v. i.) To rub; to come together so as to wear by rubbing; to wear by friction.
Chafe (v. t.) To excite heat in by friction; to rub in order to stimulate and make warm.
Chafe (v. t.) To excite passion or anger in; to fret; to irritate.
Chafe (v. t.) To fret and wear by rubbing; as, to chafe a cable.
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