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Chap (n.) A blow; a rap.
Chap (n.) A buyer; a chapman.
Chap (n.) A cleft, crack, or chink, as in the surface of the earth, or in the skin.
Chap (n.) A division; a breach, as in a party.
Chap (n.) A man or boy; a youth; a fellow.
Chap (n.) One of the jaws or cheeks of a vise, etc.
Chap (n.) One of the jaws or the fleshy covering of a jaw; -- commonly in the plural, and used of animals, and colloquially of human beings.
Chap (v. i.) To bargain; to buy.
Chap (v. i.) To crack or open in slits; as, the earth chaps; the hands chap.
Chap (v. i.) To strike; to knock; to rap.
Chap (v. t.) To cause to open in slits or chinks; to split; to cause the skin of to crack or become rough.
Chap (v. t.) To strike; to beat.
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