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Chock (adv.) Entirely; quite; as, chock home; chock aft.
Chock (n.) A heavy casting of metal, usually fixed near the gunwale. It has two short horn-shaped arms curving inward, between which ropes or hawsers may pass for towing, mooring, etc.
Chock (n.) A wedge, or block made to fit in any space which it is desired to fill, esp. something to steady a cask or other body, or prevent it from moving, by fitting into the space around or beneath it.
Chock (n.) An encounter.
Chock (v. i.) To fill up, as a cavity.
Chock (v. t.) To encounter.
Chock (v. t.) To stop or fasten, as with a wedge, or block; to scotch; as, to chock a wheel or cask.
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