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Clap (n.) A burst of sound; a sudden explosion.
Clap (n.) A loud noise made by sudden collision; a bang.
Clap (n.) A single, sudden act or motion; a stroke; a blow.
Clap (n.) A striking of hands to express approbation.
Clap (n.) Gonorrhea.
Clap (n.) Noisy talk; chatter.
Clap (n.) The nether part of the beak of a hawk.
Clap (v. i.) To come together suddenly with noise.
Clap (v. i.) To enter with alacrity and briskness; -- with to or into.
Clap (v. i.) To knock, as at a door.
Clap (v. i.) To strike the hands together in applause.
Clap (v. i.) To talk noisily; to chatter loudly.
Clap (v. t.) To express contempt or derision.
Clap (v. t.) To manifest approbation of, by striking the hands together; to applaud; as, to clap a performance.
Clap (v. t.) To strike; to slap; to strike, or strike together, with a quick motion, so, as to make a sharp noise; as, to clap one's hands; a clapping of wings.
Clap (v. t.) To thrust, drive, put, or close, in a hasty or abrupt manner; -- often followed by to, into, on, or upon.
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