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Complement (v. t.) A compliment.
Complement (v. t.) A second quantity added to a given quantity to make it equal to a third given quantity.
Complement (v. t.) Full quantity, number, or amount; a complete set; completeness.
Complement (v. t.) Something added for ornamentation; an accessory.
Complement (v. t.) That which fills up or completes; the quantity or number required to fill a thing or make it complete.
Complement (v. t.) That which is required to supply a deficiency, or to complete a symmetrical whole.
Complement (v. t.) The interval wanting to complete the octave; -- the fourth is the complement of the fifth, the sixth of the third.
Complement (v. t.) The whole working force of a vessel.
Complement (v. t.) To compliment.
Complement (v. t.) To supply a lack; to supplement.
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