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Conclude (v. i.) To come to a termination; to make an end; to close; to end; to terminate.
Conclude (v. i.) To form a final judgment; to reach a decision.
Conclude (v. t.) To bring about as a result; to effect; to make; as, to conclude a bargain.
Conclude (v. t.) To bring to an end; to close; to finish.
Conclude (v. t.) To include; to comprehend; to shut up together; to embrace.
Conclude (v. t.) To make a final determination or judgment concerning; to judge; to decide.
Conclude (v. t.) To reach as an end of reasoning; to infer, as from premises; to close, as an argument, by inferring; -- sometimes followed by a dependent clause.
Conclude (v. t.) To shut off; to restrain; to limit; to estop; to bar; -- generally in the passive; as, the defendant is concluded by his own plea; a judgment concludes the introduction of further evidence argument.
Conclude (v. t.) To shut up; to inclose.
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