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Conglomerate (a.) Closely crowded together; densly clustered; as, conglomerate flowers.
Conglomerate (a.) Composed of stones, pebbles, or fragments of rocks, cemented together.
Conglomerate (a.) Gathered into a ball or a mass; collected together; concentrated; as, conglomerate rays of light.
Conglomerate (n.) A rock, composed or rounded fragments of stone cemented together by another mineral substance, either calcareous, siliceous, or argillaceous; pudding stone; -- opposed to agglomerate. See Breccia.
Conglomerate (n.) That which is heaped together in a mass or conpacted from various sources; a mass formed of fragments; collection; accumulation.
Conglomerate (v. t.) To gather into a ball or round body; to collect into a mass.
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