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Conjugate (a.) Agreeing in derivation and radical signification; -- said of words.
Conjugate (a.) Containing two or more radicals supposed to act the part of a single one.
Conjugate (a.) In single pairs; coupled.
Conjugate (a.) Presenting themselves simultaneously and having reciprocal properties; -- frequently used in pure and applied mathematics with reference to two quantities, points, lines, axes, curves, etc.
Conjugate (a.) United in pairs; yoked together; coupled.
Conjugate (n.) A complex radical supposed to act the part of a single radical.
Conjugate (n.) A word agreeing in derivation with another word, and therefore generally resembling it in signification.
Conjugate (v. i.) To unite in a kind of sexual union, as two or more cells or individuals among the more simple plants and animals.
Conjugate (v. t.) To inflect (a verb), or give in order the forms which it assumed in its several voices, moods, tenses, numbers, and persons.
Conjugate (v. t.) To unite in marriage; to join.
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