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Consult (n.) A council; a meeting for consultation.
Consult (n.) Agreement; concert
Consult (n.) The act of consulting or deliberating; consultation; also, the result of consulation; determination; decision.
Consult (v. i.) To seek the opinion or advice of another; to take counsel; to deliberate together; to confer.
Consult (v. t.) To ask advice of; to seek the opinion of; to apply to for information or instruction; to refer to; as, to consult a physician; to consult a dictionary.
Consult (v. t.) To bring about by counsel or contrivance; to devise; to contrive.
Consult (v. t.) To deliberate upon; to take for.
Consult (v. t.) To have reference to, in judging or acting; to have regard to; to consider; as, to consult one's wishes.
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