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Couple (a.) A male and female associated together; esp., a man and woman who are married or betrothed.
Couple (a.) One of the pairs of plates of two metals which compose a voltaic battery; -- called a voltaic couple or galvanic couple.
Couple (a.) See Couple-close.
Couple (a.) That which joins or links two things together; a bond or tie; a coupler.
Couple (a.) Two of the same kind connected or considered together; a pair; a brace.
Couple (a.) Two rotations, movements, etc., which are equal in amount but opposite in direction, and acting along parallel lines or around parallel axes.
Couple (v. i.) To come together as male and female; to copulate.
Couple (v.) To join in wedlock; to marry.
Couple (v.) To link or tie, as one thing to another; to connect or fasten together; to join.
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