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Crust (n.) A hard mass, made up of dried secretions blood, or pus, occurring upon the surface of the body.
Crust (n.) An incrustation on the interior of wine bottles, the result of the ripening of the wine; a deposit of tartar, etc. See Beeswing.
Crust (n.) The cover or case of a pie, in distinction from the soft contents.
Crust (n.) The dough, or mass of doughy paste, cooked with a potpie; -- also called dumpling.
Crust (n.) The exterior portion of the earth, formerly universally supposed to inclose a molten interior.
Crust (n.) The hard exterior or surface of bread, in distinction from the soft part or crumb; or a piece of bread grown dry or hard.
Crust (n.) The hard external coat or covering of anything; the hard exterior surface or outer shell; an incrustation; as, a crust of snow.
Crust (n.) The shell of crabs, lobsters, etc.
Crust (n.) To cover with a crust; to cover or line with an incrustation; to incrust.
Crust (v. i.) To gather or contract into a hard crust; to become incrusted.
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