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Cue (n.) A hint or intimation.
Cue (n.) A small portion of bread or beer; the quantity bought with a farthing or half farthing.
Cue (n.) A straight tapering rod used to impel the balls in playing billiards.
Cue (n.) Humor; temper of mind.
Cue (n.) The last words of a play actor's speech, serving as an intimation for the next succeeding player to speak; any word or words which serve to remind a player to speak or to do something; a catchword.
Cue (n.) The part one has to perform in, or as in, a play.
Cue (n.) The tail; the end of a thing; especially, a tail-like twist of hair worn at the back of the head; a queue.
Cue (v. t.) To form into a cue; to braid; to twist.
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