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Disjoint (a.) Disjointed; unconnected; -- opposed to conjoint.
Disjoint (v. i.) To fall in pieces.
Disjoint (v. t.) Difficult situation; dilemma; strait.
Disjoint (v. t.) To break the natural order and relations of; to make incoherent; as, a disjointed speech.
Disjoint (v. t.) To separate at junctures or joints; to break where parts are united; to break in pieces; as, disjointed columns; to disjoint and edifice.
Disjoint (v. t.) To separate the joints of; to separate, as parts united by joints; to put out of joint; to force out of its socket; to dislocate; as, to disjoint limbs; to disjoint bones; to disjoint a fowl in carving.
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