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Dispose (n.) Cast of mind; disposition; inclination; behavior; demeanor.
Dispose (n.) Disposal; ordering; management; power or right of control.
Dispose (v. i.) To bargain; to make terms.
Dispose (v. t.) To deal out; to assign to a use; to bestow for an object or purpose; to apply; to employ; to dispose of.
Dispose (v. t.) To distribute and put in place; to arrange; to set in order; as, to dispose the ships in the form of a crescent.
Dispose (v. t.) To exercise finally one's power of control over; to pass over into the control of some one else, as by selling; to alienate; to part with; to relinquish; to get rid of; as, to dispose of a house; to dispose of one's time.
Dispose (v. t.) To give a tendency or inclination to; to adapt; to cause to turn; especially, to incline the mind of; to give a bent or propension to; to incline; to make inclined; -- usually followed by to, sometimes by for before the indirect object.
Dispose (v. t.) To regulate; to adjust; to settle; to determine.
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