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Entertain (n.) Entertainment.
Entertain (v. i.) To receive, or provide entertainment for, guests; as, he entertains generously.
Entertain (v. t.) To be at the charges of; to take or keep in one's service; to maintain; to support; to harbor; to keep.
Entertain (v. t.) To engage the attention of agreeably; to amuse with that which makes the time pass pleasantly; to divert; as, to entertain friends with conversation, etc.
Entertain (v. t.) To give hospitable reception and maintenance to; to receive at one's board, or into one's house; to receive as a guest.
Entertain (v. t.) To give reception to; to receive, in general; to receive and take into consideration; to admit, treat, or make use of; as, to entertain a proposal.
Entertain (v. t.) To keep, hold, or maintain in the mind with favor; to keep in the mind; to harbor; to cherish; as, to entertain sentiments.
Entertain (v. t.) To lead on; to bring along; to introduce.
Entertain (v. t.) To meet or encounter, as an enemy.
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