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Erect (a.) Bold; confident; free from depression; undismayed.
Erect (a.) Directed upward; raised; uplifted.
Erect (a.) Elevated, as the tips of wings, heads of serpents, etc.
Erect (a.) Standing upright, with reference to the earth's surface, or to the surface to which it is attached.
Erect (a.) Upright, or having a vertical position; not inverted; not leaning or bent; not prone; as, to stand erect.
Erect (a.) Watchful; alert.
Erect (v. i.) To rise upright.
Erect (v. t.) To animate; to encourage; to cheer.
Erect (v. t.) To lift up; to elevate; to exalt; to magnify.
Erect (v. t.) To raise and place in an upright or perpendicular position; to set upright; to raise; as, to erect a pole, a flagstaff, a monument, etc.
Erect (v. t.) To raise, as a building; to build; to construct; as, to erect a house or a fort; to set up; to put together the component parts of, as of a machine.
Erect (v. t.) To set up as an assertion or consequence from premises, or the like.
Erect (v. t.) To set up or establish; to found; to form; to institute.
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