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Escape (n.) A sally.
Escape (n.) An apophyge.
Escape (n.) Leakage or loss of currents from the conducting wires, caused by defective insulation.
Escape (n.) Leakage or outflow, as of steam or a liquid.
Escape (n.) That which escapes attention or restraint; a mistake; an oversight; also, transgression.
Escape (n.) The act of fleeing from danger, of evading harm, or of avoiding notice; deliverance from injury or any evil; flight; as, an escape in battle; a narrow escape; also, the means of escape; as, a fire escape.
Escape (n.) The unlawful permission, by a jailer or other custodian, of a prisoner's departure from custody.
Escape (v. i.) To flee, and become secure from danger; -- often followed by from or out of.
Escape (v. i.) To get clear from danger or evil of any form; to be passed without harm.
Escape (v. i.) To get free from that which confines or holds; -- used of persons or things; as, to escape from prison, from arrest, or from slavery; gas escapes from the pipes; electricity escapes from its conductors.
Escape (v.) To avoid the notice of; to pass unobserved by; to evade; as, the fact escaped our attention.
Escape (v.) To flee from and avoid; to be saved or exempt from; to shun; to obtain security from; as, to escape danger.
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