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Extravagant - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Unreasonable, Excessive, Immoderate, Inordinate, Spendthrift, Lavish, Profuse, Wasteful, Prodigal
Antonyms: Reasonable, Judicious, Moderate, Temperate, Economical, Provident, Thrifty, Sparing
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Extravagant (a.) Exceeding due bounds; wild; excessive; unrestrained; as, extravagant acts, wishes, praise, abuse.
Extravagant (a.) Profuse in expenditure; prodigal; wasteful; as, an extravagant man.
Extravagant (a.) Wandering beyond one's bounds; roving; hence, foreign.
Extravagant (n.) Certain constitutions or decretal epistles, not at first included with others, but subsequently made a part of the canon law.
Extravagant (n.) One who is confined to no general rule.
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