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Fallow (a.) Pale red or pale yellow; as, a fallow deer or greyhound.
Fallow (n.) Land that has lain a year or more untilled or unseeded; land plowed without being sowed for the season.
Fallow (n.) Left untilled or unsowed after plowing; uncultivated; as, fallow ground.
Fallow (n.) Plowed land.
Fallow (n.) The plowing or tilling of land, without sowing it for a season; as, summer fallow, properly conducted, has ever been found a sure method of destroying weeds.
Fallow (n.) To plow, harrow, and break up, as land, without seeding, for the purpose of destroying weeds and insects, and rendering it mellow; as, it is profitable to fallow cold, strong, clayey land.
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