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Firm (a.) The name, title, or style, under which a company transacts business; a partnership of two or more persons; a commercial house; as, the firm of Hope & Co.
Firm (a.) To fix or direct with firmness.
Firm (a.) To fix; to settle; to confirm; to establish.
Firm (superl.) Fixed; hence, closely compressed; compact; substantial; hard; solid; -- applied to the matter of bodies; as, firm flesh; firm muscles, firm wood.
Firm (superl.) Indicating firmness; as, a firm tread; a firm countenance.
Firm (superl.) Not easily excited or disturbed; unchanging in purpose; fixed; steady; constant; stable; unshaken; not easily changed in feelings or will; strong; as, a firm believer; a firm friend; a firm adherent.
Firm (superl.) Solid; -- opposed to fluid; as, firm land.
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