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Flank (n.) That part of a bastion which reaches from the curtain to the face, and defends the curtain, the flank and face of the opposite bastion; any part of a work defending another by a fire along the outside of its parapet.
Flank (n.) That part of the acting surface of a gear wheel tooth that lies within the pitch line.
Flank (n.) The fleshy or muscular part of the side of an animal, between the ribs and the hip. See Illust. of Beef.
Flank (n.) The side of an army, or of any division of an army, as of a brigade, regiment, or battalion; the extreme right or left; as, to attack an enemy in flank is to attack him on the side.
Flank (n.) The side of any building.
Flank (v. i.) To be posted on the side.
Flank (v. i.) To border; to touch.
Flank (v. t.) To overlook or command the flank of; to secure or guard the flank of; to pass around or turn the flank of; to attack, or threaten to attack; the flank of.
Flank (v. t.) To stand at the flank or side of; to border upon.
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