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Flatter (n.) A drawplate with a narrow, rectangular orifice, for drawing flat strips, as watch springs, etc.
Flatter (n.) A flat-faced fulling hammer.
Flatter (n.) One who, or that which, makes flat or flattens.
Flatter (v. i.) To use flattery or insincere praise.
Flatter (v. t.) To portray too favorably; to give a too favorable idea of; as, his portrait flatters him.
Flatter (v. t.) To raise hopes in; to encourage or favorable, but sometimes unfounded or deceitful, representations.
Flatter (v. t.) To treat with praise or blandishments; to gratify or attempt to gratify the self-love or vanity of, esp. by artful and interested commendation or attentions; to blandish; to cajole; to wheedle.
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