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Flush (a.) Affluent; abounding; well furnished or suppled; hence, liberal; prodigal.
Flush (a.) Consisting of cards of one suit.
Flush (a.) Full of vigor; fresh; glowing; bright.
Flush (a.) Unbroken or even in surface; on a level with the adjacent surface; forming a continuous surface; as, a flush panel; a flush joint.
Flush (adv.) So as to be level or even.
Flush (n.) A flock of birds suddenly started up or flushed.
Flush (n.) A hand of cards of the same suit.
Flush (n.) A sudden flood or rush of feeling; a thrill of excitement. animation, etc.; as, a flush of joy.
Flush (n.) A sudden flowing; a rush which fills or overflows, as of water for cleansing purposes.
Flush (n.) A suffusion of the face with blood, as from fear, shame, modesty, or intensity of feeling of any kind; a blush; a glow.
Flush (n.) Any tinge of red color like that produced on the cheeks by a sudden rush of blood; as, the flush on the side of a peach; the flush on the clouds at sunset.
Flush (v. i.) To become suddenly suffused, as the cheeks; to turn red; to blush.
Flush (v. i.) To flow and spread suddenly; to rush; as, blood flushes into the face.
Flush (v. i.) To snow red; to shine suddenly; to glow.
Flush (v. i.) To start up suddenly; to take wing as a bird.
Flush (v. t.) To cause the blood to rush into (the face); to put to the blush, or to cause to glow with excitement.
Flush (v. t.) To cause to be full; to flood; to overflow; to overwhelm with water; as, to flush the meadows; to flood for the purpose of cleaning; as, to flush a sewer.
Flush (v. t.) To cause to start, as a hunter a bird.
Flush (v. t.) To excite; to animate; to stir.
Flush (v. t.) To make suddenly or temporarily red or rosy, as if suffused with blood.
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