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Flux (n.) A fluid discharge from the bowels or other part; especially, an excessive and morbid discharge; as, the bloody flux or dysentery. See Bloody flux.
Flux (n.) Any substance or mixture used to promote the fusion of metals or minerals, as alkalies, borax, lime, fluorite.
Flux (n.) Flowing; unstable; inconstant; variable.
Flux (n.) The act of flowing; a continuous moving on or passing by, as of a flowing stream; constant succession; change.
Flux (n.) The matter thus discharged.
Flux (n.) The quantity of a fluid that crosses a unit area of a given surface in a unit of time.
Flux (n.) The setting in of the tide toward the shore, -- the ebb being called the reflux.
Flux (n.) The state of being liquid through heat; fusion.
Flux (v. t.) To affect, or bring to a certain state, by flux.
Flux (v. t.) To cause a discharge from; to purge.
Flux (v. t.) To cause to become fluid; to fuse.
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