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Frill (v. i.) A border or edging secured at one edge and left free at the other, usually fluted or crimped like a very narrow flounce.
Frill (v. i.) A ruffing of a bird's feathers from cold.
Frill (v. i.) A ruffle, consisting of a fold of membrane, of hairs, or of feathers, around the neck of an animal.
Frill (v. i.) A ruffled varex or fold on certain shells.
Frill (v. i.) A similar ruffle around the legs or other appendages of animals.
Frill (v. i.) To shake or shiver as with cold; as, the hawk frills.
Frill (v. i.) To wrinkle; -- said of the gelatin film.
Frill (v. t.) To provide or decorate with a frill or frills; to turn back. in crimped plaits; as, to frill a cap.
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