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Fry (n.) A swarm or crowd, especially of little fishes; young or small things in general.
Fry (n.) The young of any fish.
Fry (v. i.) To be agitated; to be greatly moved.
Fry (v. i.) To simmer; to boil.
Fry (v. i.) To undergo or cause a disturbing action accompanied with a sensation of heat.
Fry (v. i.) To undergo the process of frying; to be subject to the action of heat in a frying pan, or on a griddle, or in a kettle of hot fat.
Fry (v. t.) To cook in a pan or on a griddle (esp. with the use of fat, butter, or olive oil) by heating over a fire; to cook in boiling lard or fat; as, to fry fish; to fry doughnuts.
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