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Fume (n.) Anything vaporlike, unsubstantial, or airy; idle conceit; vain imagination.
Fume (n.) Exhalation; volatile matter (esp. noxious vapor or smoke) ascending in a dense body; smoke; vapor; reek; as, the fumes of tobacco.
Fume (n.) Rage or excitement which deprives the mind of self-control; as, the fumes of passion.
Fume (n.) The incense of praise; inordinate flattery.
Fume (n.) To be as in a mist; to be dulled and stupefied.
Fume (n.) To be in a rage; to be hot with anger.
Fume (n.) To pass off in fumes or vapors.
Fume (n.) To smoke; to throw off fumes, as in combustion or chemical action; to rise up, as vapor.
Fume (v. t.) To expose to the action of fumes; to treat with vapors, smoke, etc.; as, to bleach straw by fuming it with sulphur; to fill with fumes, vapors, odors, etc., as a room.
Fume (v. t.) To praise inordinately; to flatter.
Fume (v. t.) To throw off in vapor, or as in the form of vapor.
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