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Give (n.) To allow or admit by way of supposition.
Give (n.) To attribute; to assign; to adjudge.
Give (n.) To bestow without receiving a return; to confer without compensation; to impart, as a possession; to grant, as authority or permission; to yield up or allow.
Give (n.) To cause; to make; -- with the infinitive; as, to give one to understand, to know, etc.
Give (n.) To communicate or announce, as advice, tidings, etc.; to pronounce; to render or utter, as an opinion, a judgment, a sentence, a shout, etc.
Give (n.) To devote; to apply; used reflexively, to devote or apply one's self; as, the soldiers give themselves to plunder; also in this sense used very frequently in the past participle; as, the people are given to luxury and pleasure; the youth is given to study
Give (n.) To excite or cause to exist, as a sensation; as, to give offense; to give pleasure or pain.
Give (n.) To exhibit as a product or result; to produce; to show; as, the number of men, divided by the number of ships, gives four hundred to each ship.
Give (n.) To grant power or license to; to permit; to allow; to license; to commission.
Give (n.) To pledge; as, to give one's word.
Give (n.) To set forth as a known quantity or a known relation, or as a premise from which to reason; -- used principally in the passive form given.
Give (n.) To yield possesion of; to deliver over, as property, in exchange for something; to pay; as, we give the value of what we buy.
Give (n.) To yield; to furnish; to produce; to emit; as, flint and steel give sparks.
Give (v. i.) To become soft or moist.
Give (v. i.) To give a gift or gifts.
Give (v. i.) To have a misgiving.
Give (v. i.) To move; to recede.
Give (v. i.) To open; to lead.
Give (v. i.) To shed tears; to weep.
Give (v. i.) To yield to force or pressure; to relax; to become less rigid; as, the earth gives under the feet.
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