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Gloom (n.) A shady, gloomy, or dark place or grove.
Gloom (n.) Cloudiness or heaviness of mind; melancholy; aspect of sorrow; low spirits; dullness.
Gloom (n.) In gunpowder manufacture, the drying oven.
Gloom (n.) Partial or total darkness; thick shade; obscurity; as, the gloom of a forest, or of midnight.
Gloom (v. i.) To become dark or dim; to be or appear dismal, gloomy, or sad; to come to the evening twilight.
Gloom (v. i.) To shine or appear obscurely or imperfectly; to glimmer.
Gloom (v. t.) To fill with gloom; to make sad, dismal, or sullen.
Gloom (v. t.) To render gloomy or dark; to obscure; to darken.
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