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Grand - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Noble, Majestic, Lordly, Stately, Resplendent, August, Exalted, Illustrious
Antonyms: Inferior, Colorless, Ignoble, Undignified, Awful, Mean, Worthless
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Grand (superl.) Great in size, and fine or imposing in appearance or impression; illustrious, dignifled, or noble (said of persons); majestic, splendid, magnificent, or sublime (said of things); as, a grand monarch; a grand lord; a grand general; a grand view; a grand co
Grand (superl.) Having higher rank or more dignity, size, or importance than other persons or things of the same name; as, a grand lodge; a grand vizier; a grand piano, etc.
Grand (superl.) Of large size or extent; great; extensive; hence, relatively great; greatest; chief; principal; as, a grand mountain; a grand army; a grand mistake.
Grand (superl.) Standing in the second or some more remote degree of parentage or descent; -- generalIy used in composition; as, grandfather, grandson, grandchild, etc.
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