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Hazard - Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms: Chance, Danger, Jeopardy, Risk, Venture, Peril, Contingency, Threat
Antonyms: Assurance, Certainty, Necessity, Protection, Safeguard, Security, Surety
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Hazard (n.) A game of chance played with dice.
Hazard (n.) Anything that is hazarded or risked, as the stakes in gaming.
Hazard (n.) Holing a ball, whether the object ball (winning hazard) or the player's ball (losing hazard).
Hazard (n.) Risk; danger; peril; as, he encountered the enemy at the hazard of his reputation and life.
Hazard (n.) The uncertain result of throwing a die; hence, a fortuitous event; chance; accident; casualty.
Hazard (n.) To expose to the operation of chance; to put in danger of loss or injury; to venture; to risk.
Hazard (n.) To venture to incur, or bring on.
Hazard (v. i.) To try the chance; to encounter risk or danger.
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