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Indent (n.) A certificate, or intended certificate, issued by the government of the United States at the close of the Revolution, for the principal or interest of the public debt.
Indent (n.) A cut or notch in the man gin of anything, or a recess like a notch.
Indent (n.) A requisition or order for supplies, sent to the commissariat of an army.
Indent (n.) A stamp; an impression.
Indent (v. i.) To be cut, notched, or dented.
Indent (v. i.) To contract; to bargain or covenant.
Indent (v. i.) To crook or turn; to wind in and out; to zigzag.
Indent (v. t.) To begin (a line or lines) at a greater or less distance from the margin; as, to indent the first line of a paragraph one em; to indent the second paragraph two ems more than the first. See Indentation, and Indention.
Indent (v. t.) To bind out by indenture or contract; to indenture; to apprentice; as, to indent a young man to a shoemaker; to indent a servant.
Indent (v. t.) To dent; to stamp or to press in; to impress; as, indent a smooth surface with a hammer; to indent wax with a stamp.
Indent (v. t.) To make an order upon; to draw upon, as for military stores.
Indent (v. t.) To notch; to jag; to cut into points like a row of teeth; as, to indent the edge of paper.
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