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Iron (n.) An instrument or utensil made of iron; -- chiefly in composition; as, a flatiron, a smoothing iron, etc.
Iron (n.) Fetters; chains; handcuffs; manacles.
Iron (n.) Firm; robust; enduring; as, an iron constitution.
Iron (n.) Inflexible; unrelenting; as, an iron will.
Iron (n.) Like iron in hardness, strength, impenetrability, power of endurance, insensibility, etc.;
Iron (n.) Not to be broken; holding or binding fast; tenacious.
Iron (n.) Of, or made of iron; consisting of iron; as, an iron bar, dust.
Iron (n.) Resembling iron in color; as, iron blackness.
Iron (n.) Rude; hard; harsh; severe.
Iron (n.) Strength; power; firmness; inflexibility; as, to rule with a rod of iron.
Iron (n.) The most common and most useful metallic element, being of almost universal occurrence, usually in the form of an oxide (as hematite, magnetite, etc.), or a hydrous oxide (as limonite, turgite, etc.). It is reduced on an enormous scale in three principal
Iron (v. t.) To furnish or arm with iron; as, to iron a wagon.
Iron (v. t.) To shackle with irons; to fetter or handcuff.
Iron (v. t.) To smooth with an instrument of iron; especially, to smooth, as cloth, with a heated flatiron; -- sometimes used with out.
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