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Jerk (n.) A short, sudden pull, thrust, push, twitch, jolt, shake, or similar motion.
Jerk (n.) A sudden start or spring.
Jerk (v. i.) To flout with contempt.
Jerk (v. i.) To make a sudden motion; to move with a start, or by starts.
Jerk (v. t.) To beat; to strike.
Jerk (v. t.) To cut into long slices or strips and dry in the sun; as, jerk beef. See Charqui.
Jerk (v. t.) To give a quick and suddenly arrested thrust, push, pull, or twist, to; to yerk; as, to jerk one with the elbow; to jerk a coat off.
Jerk (v. t.) To throw with a quick and suddenly arrested motion of the hand; as, to jerk a stone.
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