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Jigger (n. & v.) A horizontal table carrying a revolving mold, on which earthen vessels are shaped by rapid motion; a potter's wheel.
Jigger (n. & v.) A light tackle, consisting of a double and single block and the fall, used for various purposes, as to increase the purchase on a topsail sheet in hauling it home; the watch tackle.
Jigger (n. & v.) A small fishing vessel, rigged like a yawl.
Jigger (n. & v.) A supplementary sail. See Dandy, n., 2 (b).
Jigger (n. & v.) A templet or tool by which vessels are shaped on a potter's wheel.
Jigger (n. & v.) One who, or that which, jigs; specifically, a miner who sorts or cleans ore by the process of jigging; also, the sieve used in jigging.
Jigger (n.) A pendulum rolling machine for slicking or graining leather; same as Jack, 4 (i).
Jigger (n.) A species of flea (Sarcopsylla, / Pulex, penetrans), which burrows beneath the skin. See Chigoe.
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